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Hans De Four

Head of PR
Gent Area, Belgium
Serial enterpreneur in projects for professional development of teachers
Master in Mathematics and Information Technology @ UGent - Belgium
Teacher of Mathematics and IT 1994-2002

But it all began when someone invented THE INTERNET!

In 1998 together with my students of 15-16 years old I started a small school project about collecting educational websites. In some years time and thanks to the support of thousands of teachers, organisations and the government this initiative has become known world wide as one of the most successful OER-networks for K12 education.
Please have a look at KlasCement.net

Via this bottom-up project KlasCement we enrich education. We inspire teachers by the learning resources they share.

In 2002 another peer-to-peer initiative started: ICT-praktijkdag. It has become the most known IT&Education-day in Flanders, Belgium. I organise this day twice a year. 600 to 1000 teachers and IT coordinators can choose two hands-on workshops given by other colleagues. Here we share our knowledge live!

It's all about the power of the network! Learn to share, share to learn!

In 2013 - as a teacher of mathematics - I went back to the roots with the Fyxxilab. In the lab we inspire children from 5 to 99 who experiment with tools to code, with sensors, robotics, 3D printers, laser cutter, ... STEAM and Maker Education: the Future for our Youth with XXIst Century Skills.

Ask me to talk about OER, OER-networks, sharing, engaging teachers to share and learn, organising events, the importance of STEAM & Maker Education.
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