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Abdullah Almegren

National Center for e-Learning
Director General
Saudi Arabia
My interest topics: Open, e, blended, digital, everything: learning. For sure OER is top tpic for me!
My Bio:
I work as an Assistant Professor of Education at King Saud University (ksu.edu.sa), and currently serving as a Director General for the National Centre for e-Learning (NCeL: elc.edu.sa) in Saudi Arabia, providing vision and leadership to NCeL Board, agency staff, and institutions of higher education. I love often lead through change and adversity, makes the tough call when needed, builds consensus when appropriate, motivates and encourages learning academics. I am trying to represent the e-Learning strategies and development at the national front and dedicatedly worked on multi-million dollar educational initiatives, and helped in establishing several projects which have grown to become independent identities such as: 1. National Center for e-Learning (NCeL). 2. Award winning Saudi OER Network (SHMS.sa ). 3. Saudi Digital Library (sdl.edu.sa) 4. National Centre of Excellence for e-Content (NCEeC). 5. The first Saudi e-University (seu.edu.sa). 6. 1st bylaws for distance learning in Saudi Arabia. 7. Saudi Education TV Channels Network (ientv.edu.sa). 8. e-Learning Award of excellence (award.elc.edu.sa ). 9. International Conference of e-Learning (eLi). I worked and published more than 20 research and working papers. I also worked as an advisor to the Ministry of Education in many projects like the 1st strategic plan for HE in Saudi Arabia (AFAQ), and other initiatives. Got my Master in 1989 from Colorado State University, and Ph.D. in 1996 from Kansas State University. I am married to Amal Abdulkareem, the best wife in the world, and we managed to rear seven lovely children, and at my leisure time I love walking, and riding my trike.
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